International Interfaith Organisations

The following organisations work in an international capacity and are independent from any one faith community. They are all members of the International Interfaith Organisations Network.

International Association for Religious Freedom  

World Congress of Faiths

World Conference of Religions for Peace

The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions

Peace Council

United Religions Initiative

Temple of Understanding

Interfaith Youth Core

Millennium Peace Summit

Minorities of Europe

North American Interfaith Network

World Faiths Development Dialogue

Other Inter-religious Organisations

Foundation Global Ethic (Tuebingen, Germany)

The Interfaith Alliance

International Council of Christians and Jews

Interfaith Center of New York

Open House

Interfaith Encounter Association

International Movement for a Just World

Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation (journal)

World Bank’s Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics

National Interfaith Co-ordinating Bodies

We have tried to list below those who would be in contact with the major interfaith groups in their own country.
The Inter-religious Co-ordinating Council in Israel

The Inter Faith Network for the UK

Inter-religious Education

The following is a small selection of the education centres, associations and organisations where the study of inter-religious dialogue may be undertaken.  We welcome additional URLs.

University of Derby – Multifaith Centre

Institute for Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue – (Temple University, USA)

Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions

Alister Hardy Trust/Religious Experience Research Centre/Alister Hardy Society

Institute for Inter-Religious Studies

Interfaith activities sponsored by or linked to one particular Faith

Unitarian Universalist Association 

World Council of Churches

Rissho Kosei-kai

Miscellaneous Resources

A broad range of resources, consisting of some of the major indices that should help further research.

American Academic of Religion (Washinghton, USA)

The Asha Centre


CoNexus Press

The Empty Bell, USA

Global Forum

The Hermitage Cottage – interfaith retreat center

Interfaith Information Network

Movement for a Beloved Community

Mysticism in World Religions

Muslim/Christian Marriage Support Group

Nonviolent Peaceforce

Religion Newswriters Association

Religions Discussion Forums

Religions and Cultures: Guide to Beliefs, Custons and Divinity for Health and Social Services

SHAP Working Party

World Prayers