We hope that these resources will contribute to a greater understanding of interfaith issues and relations, both amoung the interested public as well as practitioners and academics. Please feel free to browse our materials, but do remember that international copyright laws apply to all our web-content.
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The IIC offers a small selection of print publications and books by our Patrons and Friends for sale to support global interfaith acftivities.

Over the years, the IIC invited many distinguished speakers from around the world to give lectures on a variety of faith- and interfaith related topics. Thanks to the gracious permission of the participants, full-text transcripts of most lectures are freely available online.

The IIC also offers a variety of videos (VHS) for sale. Most of these are interviews of active participants in groundbreaking interfaith activities.

An introductory course on interfaith is freely available online. This course was developed by the IIC in partnership with some of the member organisations of the International Interfaith Organisations Network.

UK specific materials
Oxford Directory of Interfaith