This extract is from the Institute of Sathya Sai Education in New Zealand

The values are taught through two main approaches.

Direct Method
The ‘Direct Method uses five proven teaching techniques: and these are:

1. Thought for the day
2. Stories
3. Values based songs
4. Activities
5. Silent sitting.

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These are simple and enjoyable techniques, yet they are a very powerful combination.

  • Through consideration of the thought for the day, the child contemplates simple yet profound wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.
  • Through values based stories the child can associate with positive role models.
  • Through values songs, the children voice positive reinforcement of the goodness inherent in them.
  • Through activities they are taking the concepts, which to this point have been understood in the mind, or voiced through song, and putting them into practice through the activities.
  • Through silent sitting, they are able to bring the body and the mind to stillness. It is a powerful technique that increases memory and efficiency.

These techniques, supported by a teacher who is a positive role model and who teaches by example, prepare a child for life, full of self confidence, in touch with their inner being and environment through total integrated awareness.
“To your own self be true, and it follows as the day follows the night, you will not be false to anyone.” Shakespeare

The second method of teaching Human Values is through the: Inter-curriculum and extra-curriculum methods
Using this method, the teacher draws the values from whatever subject is being taught, or activity is being undertaken.
When the importance of the human values to human development is understood, they can be drawn from any subject or activity, for behind each is a value-orientated thought, which is either noble or ignoble. In the game of life the aim is to foster the noble.

In the words of the Chancellor of The Institute of Higher Learning:

The four main goals of life are interdependent. They cannot become single objectives of life. Earn wealth adhering to right conduct and have always one wish – to get liberated; that is the way to realise the four main goals of human life. Let right conduct dominate wealth and liberation dominate desire, then your life will be a success.’“Let us progress together, let us move about together, let us nourish the knowledge we have acquired together, let us live together without any enmity.