Reverend Marcus Braybrooke

Reverend Marcus Braybrooke has been widely involved in interfaith work for over thirty five years and has travelled widely. He was one of the founders of the International Interfaith Centre, of which he is now a Patron. He is also President of the World Congress of Faiths and has had links with several other interfaith organisations. He has written several books on the subject, including Pilgrimage of Hope and Faith and Interfaith in A Global Age.

Marcus Braybrooke writes in Pilgrimage of Hope:

There are various levels of dialogue and it is a process of growth. An initial requirement is an openness to and acceptance of the other. It takes time to build trust and to deepen relationships. This is why some continuity in a dialogue group is helpful and why patience and time are necessary – all of which are particularly difficult to ensure at an international level. Too easily, we find ourselves imposing our presuppositions on the conversation. Christians, for example, often assume that Muslims really adopt a critical attitude to the Qur’an similar to that common amongst Christians in their reading of the Bible. We have to learn to enter another world that may seem alien and which has different presuppositions. We have to allow our deepest convictions to be questioned. Some Buddhists, for example, will question deeply held Christian assumptions about God and the self. It is important for those venturing into dialogue to be secure in their own faith. They need to beware of becoming marginalised in or alienated from their own religious tradition.